Saturday, February 04, 2006

A little joke

A librarian sitting in the counter in a quiet afternoon, relaxing.
There she saw a little chick coming straight to her.

'Book, book book!'it said.
So the librarian gave a book to the chick.
The chick left happily.

The next day the chick came back with the book,
saying,' Book, book book!'
The librarian then give her another book.

And in the following that chick again came back with the book.
again saying,'Book, book book.'
The librarian again gave it another book.

But this time the librarian decided to find out what's going on?
Why did the chick want so many books?
The librarian followed the chick to a forest and there was a lake inside.
In the middle of the lake there was a frog. It turns out the chick is bringing
the books to the frog. The frog was saying, 'Read it, read-it!!!'

This is a joke my secondary school English teacher,
Miss Broomfield told us in class. Just after she finished,
there was a moment of silence. Two seconds of dead air.
No one thought it to be funny, and everyone of us thought
we should give some positive response.
Then we all bursted out nervous laugthers.

Everytime I think about it, it seems that I am back in secondary school
once again. And that feels really good.


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